ANNA-MARIE DURANTEChief Administrator

Professional Summary

Anna-Marie originally set out on a career in accounting, and then soon transitioned into operations and administrative management. With over 20 years of experience at local and global companies, Anna-Marie brings a wealth of knowledge to her role at Renaissance Group. Responsible for day-to-day administrative and operational support, Anna-Marie is integral in assuring quality customer service and the smooth running of internal processes.

As a member of the leadership team, Anna-Marie serves as a liaison for company culture and as a brand loyalty ambassador. Anna-Marie and the support team put high priority on ensuring the Renaissance Group client gets the highest quality personalized services, facilities, innovative technology and resources.

Why work at Renaissance Group?

“The team is what attracted me to Renaissance Group. The Partners are experts in the field of accounting, and they’re also progressive thinkers, entrepreneurial, and enthusiastic about change— just like the name says, Renaissance Group.”


Anna-Marie’s family has made Metro Vancouver home for over 125 years. She loves the city, especially the arts scene, with a special affinity for live music and theatre.