Advice you can build on.


The capital intensive nature of the construction industry presents unique challenges including shifting real-estate markets, complex partnerships, specialized accounting rules and constant reporting to lenders and insurers.

The Differentiator “R Factor”

Our hands on experience in trades and ability to understand industry specific challenges allows us to help your business succeed on all levels. We speak the language, whether it is extracting meaningful information from job progress reports, interpreting fixed price contracts, or simply explaining what information a bonding company needs, our experience will be evident.

True to the Trade

Renaissance Group is the primary external advisor to a large number of heavy construction and road maintenance companies operating in Western Canada.  Our commitment to being a service leader to the industry has turned Construction into Renaissance Group’s fastest growing area of expertise.

We are proud members of the Independent Contractors and Business Association (“ICBA”) and Western Canadian Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (“WCRHCA”) and speak regularly on the areas of corporate planning, succession and transaction advisory.

Foundation for Growth

As corporate structuring experts, we ensure our construction clients have a foundation that not only minimizes income taxes and liability but also allows for future growth and succession. Understanding your needs today and predicting your needs of tomorrow is where we are able to provide the greatest value.

Services We Offer:

  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Audit and Review Engagements
  • GST and Sales Tax Advisory
  • CRA Audit Defense
  • Apprenticeship tax credit recovery
  • Purchase & Sale Transaction Advisory
  • Valuation
  • Succession & Retirement Planning
  • Family Estate Planning