Pay the right amount of tax, but not a dollar more.

Tax Compliance

Today’s tax laws are more complicated than ever before and even the most simple tax return can require careful research and calculation. Taxation authorities are also requiring more information to be submitted each year and imposing penalties for those not in compliance.

Take Comfort in Our Expertise

Our tax associates extensive experience and dedication to continued advanced education provide our clients peace of mind that every filing submitted is accurate and defensible under scrutiny.

The Differentiator “R Factor”

There are many that can tell you the rules of the income tax act but very few that can provide practical guidance.  This is something that comes from not only years of experience but also from being business owners ourselves.  Finding the true balance between tax savings and risk is something that we’re constantly obsessing over, making sure you pay the right amount of tax, but not a dollar more.

Global Reach

Our affiliation with MSI Global Alliance allows our clients access to top tier service from local tax professionals regardless of what tax jurisdiction they’re operating in.  For more information, see International Services.

Tax Compliance Services We Offer:

  • Personal income tax filing
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Trust Returns
  • Commodity and Excise Taxes (GST/PST)
  • CRA audits, objections and appeals
  • Tax elections and voluntary disclosures
“Anyone who believes that Canada’s only two official languages are English and French has never read the Income Tax Act.”

– Marc Denhez