Professional Summary
    Mike is a Chartered Professional Accountant and successful businessman with more than 20 years of experience working with private businesses as an advisor and investor. Mike is a passionate leader in his industry where he shares his experience, knowledge and ideas, and is a trusted and valued business advisor and partner. He focuses on construction, manufacturing, real estate, technology and consulting industries. He works with his clients to help save their hard earned money, balanced by staying clear of risks, including CRA. He is a specialist in advising on corporate structure, taxation, business transactions, and negotiating deals. Mike brings wisdom, ethics and integrity to all his business negotiations.

    Mike and his beautiful wife Monika have three growing, active children, William, Alexandra and Lukasz. They live on the west side of Vancouver and are continually buying and selling real estate.

    Why work at Renaissance Group?

    “I’m passionate about helping clients build and maintain wealth. Renaissance was forged out of this very desire, ensuring clients are properly structured and realizing all opportunities to reduce corporate and personal tax while minimizing risk.”


    Mike played varsity basketball at Simon Fraser University and he later went on to play semi-professionally in Europe. These days, Mike’s favourite sports are golfing, cycling, sailing and squash.