Providing a 360-degree deal view, we assist our clients in realizing earned success.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide business owners with a one-stop shop when buying or selling a business. Providing a 360-degree deal view, the passion that drives us comes from the desire to connect business owners with a prosperous future. We want to assist our clients in realizing earned success, building their wealth, and moving into the next challenge and chapter of their life.

With best-in-class accounting and taxation knowledge across our firm, the Mergers and Acquisitions division has expertise ranging from business valuation to negotiation strategy—executing deals with diligence and precision. With principles of success, integrity and transparency, we assess each deal with our proven process and only move forward with quality projects.

Our M&A expertise includes:

  • Structuring acquisition and ownership arrangements
  • Structuring and affecting reorganizations, amalgamations and change of ownership of groups of companies
  • Structuring debt and equity financing
  • Undertaking comprehensive financial due diligence for purchasers and assisting vendors and target companies to prepare for a sale
  • Negotiating transactions on behalf of vendors or purchasers
  • Drafting letters of intent forming the substantive clauses of the final share or asset purchase and sale agreements
  • Assisting with post closing and transition matters

We know there are many challenges when selling a business, and those involved often have differing agendas. We take a ‘no surprises’ approach to ensure clients are well-versed in all stages of the process, assuring an outcome that is mutually beneficial.

Although we may articulate similar wants, we are not motivated by the same fundamental needs. That is why we believe win-win deals are always possible.

— Dr. James Murray